My childhood broadcasting aspirations come true

podcast logoSomewhere (probably in a box in an attic), there is a cassette tape of me as a young boy, 9-10 if I recall correctly. In the recording, I’m doing an impression of a comedian doing an impression of Howard Cosell. The punchline was “Not George Brett, he’s got hemorrhoids.” I also did impressions of Jimmy Carter and a couple of others I don’t recall now. With my small repertoire, I was able to keep family entertained, at least.

Today, my only good impression is Garrison Keillor. You can imagine how often people ask to hear that one.

But apparently, my tiny glimmer of a broadcast flame remained through these 30-odd years. Now, I’m into my second year as half of the team producing the College Media Podcast, along with Dan Reimold of College Media Matters.

We have approximately 50 listeners at present, although it fluctuates depending on the contents of the episodes.

Some weeks, we’ll record two episodes in one sitting. Some weeks, we record one. It’s been an interesting experiment. I feel like it’s a sort of college media Pardon the Interruption. Another podcaster at EIU had me in recently to talk about what goes into producing the show, and that was fun as well.

True, it’s not “broadcast,” in the traditional sense, but it’s quite an experience having some random person at a convention come up to you and say, “I really like your podcast. I listen to it every week,” so that’s something.

So today, as I was reciting the words I’ve said about 50-odd times, “Hello, and welcome to the College Media Podcast, I’m Bryan Murley from Innovation in College Media …” and waiting for Dan’s “… and I’m Dan Reimold …” I had a quick flashback to that recording my dad made of me reciting a comedy routine about Howard Cosell and George Brett.

I made the big time!

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